Wedding Day Tips and Ideas

Tired of the traditional clanking of the glasses?

There are many wedding traditions that Brides & Grooms use at their wedding.  For those of you that would like something a bit different than the traditional clanking-of-the-glasses, here are two unique twists that make the event more special.

1. When the first person starts to clank their glass let ORPHEUS inform everyone that the Bride & Groom will only kiss if a group of two or more stand and sing a song with the work "love" in it.  Yes we are sure you might hear a crackling version of the "Love Boat", but this is a lovely way to get the group involved.

2. Before the wedding day write down on separate pieces of paper the name of all the couples that will be attending your reception and the amount of years they have been married.  Each time glasses are clanked the Bride and Groom will draw the name of a new couple that must also stand and kiss at the same time.

ORPHEUS hopes these two ideas will help you add flair to your reception.  We are always open for new ideas and suggestions.  Please let us know ahead of time if you have a tradition of your own that you would like us to do.

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